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I’ve always admired entrepreneurs. Because of the financial risks they take, I think they are courageous people. Due to my timid nature, I never imagined I’d be one myself. But, after leaving a successful career in accounting a few years ago, I decided to launch my own home based business. So far, I’ve enjoyed success in this amazingly rewarding venture. Sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t experience the same type of success I’ve found. If they operate sole proprietorship or partnerships, their personal assets are often at risk when their business interests fail. On this blog, you will discover how a bankruptcy attorney can help a business owner who can’t pay his or her business debts.


3 Common Misconceptions Regarding Bankruptcy & the Real Truth Behind Them

5 October 2015
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Filing for bankruptcy can be a huge step towards setting your finances straight and relieving yourself of bad debts. However, there are certain misconceptions many people believe have that stop them from filing for bankruptcy. To help you understand the truth behind these, below are three of the more common myths surrounding bankruptcy and the truth behind them: Bankruptcy Results in Foreclosure For many people facing bankruptcy, their biggest worry is losing their home. Read More …