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Recovering from a Business Failure

I’ve always admired entrepreneurs. Because of the financial risks they take, I think they are courageous people. Due to my timid nature, I never imagined I’d be one myself. But, after leaving a successful career in accounting a few years ago, I decided to launch my own home based business. So far, I’ve enjoyed success in this amazingly rewarding venture. Sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t experience the same type of success I’ve found. If they operate sole proprietorship or partnerships, their personal assets are often at risk when their business interests fail. On this blog, you will discover how a bankruptcy attorney can help a business owner who can’t pay his or her business debts.


What Can A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing Do For You?

11 January 2022
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Bankruptcy is not a bad thing, although the events leading up to it may make it all feel terrible. Things such as the loss of a job or a divorce can all be hard, but bankruptcy is the saving grace in it all, and it shouldn't be thought of in a negative way. If you are in a poor financial situation with no end in sight and no other way to get out of your financial burdens, you can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Read More …