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I’ve always admired entrepreneurs. Because of the financial risks they take, I think they are courageous people. Due to my timid nature, I never imagined I’d be one myself. But, after leaving a successful career in accounting a few years ago, I decided to launch my own home based business. So far, I’ve enjoyed success in this amazingly rewarding venture. Sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t experience the same type of success I’ve found. If they operate sole proprietorship or partnerships, their personal assets are often at risk when their business interests fail. On this blog, you will discover how a bankruptcy attorney can help a business owner who can’t pay his or her business debts.


What Can You Keep At The End Of Chapter 7?

30 June 2020
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When people learn that liquidation of their assets is the core feature of Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, they often feel like they're going to be left with nothing. Although the process can be pretty intensive in liquidating folks' assets and accounts, there are some things the law allows petitioners to keep. Let's look at 5 of the most important items on that list. Items You Need for Your Job The courts would prefer that filers still be productive members of society when they're done with bankruptcy. Read More …