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Recovering from a Business Failure

I’ve always admired entrepreneurs. Because of the financial risks they take, I think they are courageous people. Due to my timid nature, I never imagined I’d be one myself. But, after leaving a successful career in accounting a few years ago, I decided to launch my own home based business. So far, I’ve enjoyed success in this amazingly rewarding venture. Sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t experience the same type of success I’ve found. If they operate sole proprietorship or partnerships, their personal assets are often at risk when their business interests fail. On this blog, you will discover how a bankruptcy attorney can help a business owner who can’t pay his or her business debts.


Things To Understand When Considering A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

11 December 2018
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It can be a devastating blow to realize that you just do not make enough money to pay all your bills on time monthly. This could be due to a loss or change of job or debt that keeps climbing a little at a time and gets out of hand before you catch it. Regardless of the reason, it can cause a huge change in your life. You may become more sullen or even mean because of all the stress and worry. Read More …

How To Make Sure Your Meeting With The Creditors Is Successful

24 October 2018
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You might think that filing for bankruptcy is challenging. However, if you do not own any assets, a no asset bankruptcy can be very easy and straightforward. However, one aspect of a no asset bankruptcy that you will want to go smoothly is the meeting of creditors. This is the most important part of your bankruptcy process.  Beware of Security Locate the courthouse before the meeting. You do not want to be late for the meeting because you could not find it. Read More …

3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Home From Being Foreclosed On

2 September 2018
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When you fail to make all of your mortgage payments on time, you run the risk that your lender will repossess, or foreclose, on your home. If you find yourself behind on your mortgage payment, there are important steps that you need to take to protect yourself. A foreclosure attorney can help you take steps to protect yourself. #1 Open all Mail From Your Lender Don't put off opening mail from your lender. Read More …

How Much Debt Is Too Much Debt? 5 Signs You Should Consider Bankruptcy

21 July 2018
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If you feel like you're treading water with your debt, it may be that you just have too much of it. It may be time to declare bankruptcy. Of course, bankruptcy is a drastic step, so it isn't one to take lightly. Here are a few signs it might be right for you. 1. Your Debt Isn't Going Down Are you paying minimum payments on your debts? If so, it's likely that your debt isn't going down at all, or is going down minimally every month. Read More …

Nearing Retirement & Worried About Too Much Debt? Here’s What You Need To Know

28 April 2018
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Doesn't it seem that you work hard and put in a lot of hours to be able to afford to live? The American dream of owning a home is usually only achieved by going into debt. In your younger years, you may have planned on having your home paid off going into your retirement years, but that doesn't always happen. In fact, according to statistics from data collected from December of 2016, 73% of consumers had an average of $61,554 in debt when they passed away, and most of it was mortgage debt. Read More …